Things You Should & Shouldn’t Read

Things You Should & Shouldn’t Read

Today I’m going to breakdown all of the different sources of information you can read and how to best approach it.

These are all examples of how I go about filtering the information that goes into my head because everything that you see or hear goes straight into your subconscious – for better for worse.

If you are constantly providing your subconscious with negative uninspiring information you are going to retain a lot of that negativity which is terrible for you long-term.

If you think negatively you’ll act negatively. If you think positively then you’er going to be unstoppable.


I am always reading one non-fiction book at a time and it’s always relevant to the area I am currently trying to improve in my life. Topics include finance, productivity, fitness, spirituality, stress management and more.

I used to be one of those knob-heads that would buy 5-7 books at a time, blast through them as quickly as possible because I thought I would remember everything and rush straight onto the next one. This is a big mistake. You won’t retain any of the information from that book and it will be a big waste of your time.

Instead you want to read until you have a ‘light bulb moment.’

What is a light bulb moment?

It’s something that you read and immediately think to yourself “yep that makes sense. I’m going to start doing that from now on.” And then actually go and do it.

For example, if a book about sleep tells you that it’s beneficial to avoid caffeine at least 12 hours before bed; don’t just read it say to yourself “yep, yep that’s true” and not do anything about it. You may as well have not read the thing in the first place.


As with non-fiction books I am always reading one fiction book and it’s usually before bed. I like to avoid screen time just before I sleep due to the many health benefits you get. It’s also super useful to help train your brain to focus on one task at a time and flex your focus muscle if you find you lose focus really easily.

I’ve noticed that my ability to focus on one task is starting to waver and I’ll read half a page and think about something else. Bad times. Must do better.

I typically read horror and fantasy novels. It’s good to let go and read something that can help you escape into another world.

Blogs & Forums

Similar to non-fiction, I only refer to one at a time and it’s usually the area I’m trying to improve. A big problem with our digital age is information overload and becoming stressed out with all of the options we have out there.

This was my biggest weakness about 5 years ago. I’d read dozens of different websites on various topics; from intermittent fasting to online dating tips to bodybuilding forums to strength training blogs, and not actually take any action on the things I was reading. I was just collecting information for the sake of it. Stupid.


I haven’t read a magazine in years. Most of the stuff you read in them is crap or useless. If you want Cosmo magazine to tell you that being obese is healthy then go right ahead.

Email newsletters

Same as blogs and forums. Don’t have too many and never let them clutter up your inbox.

Social media feeds

I personally limit my amount of social media time because I know how negative and triggering they can be. I’ve even gone as far as to use a Chrome extension feed blocker for Facebook.

I would recommend you do the same, and this is coming from a guy that uses social media to market!


I never read these or even watch the news for that matter. If you want to see and hear about how bad the world is and how we’re all doomed and that women are being murdered in the streets by the hundreds and everything is hopeless then go right ahead.

News is no longer about reporting on the current affairs it’s about hooking you in for TV ratings and making you panic so you watch more. Fuck that.

The most common response I get is “What if something big happens!? I need to know these things.”

Trust me. If the story is big enough you’ll know about it. Global pandemics or wars are hard to miss.

So read, but keep it relevant and don’t go bananas with it.

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