The Top 5 Female Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations Of All Time

The Top 5 Female Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations Of All Time

Nothing serious today.  I feel like posting something fun.  Please don’t take anything in this post too seriously.  I’m just playing around and having fun with this one. I’ll get back to science and life changing stuff next time.

Some celebs have made some remarkable transformations with their bodies over the years, and if we’re being totally honest it’s not just their health that as improved. They have literally changed the way they look.

Now I’m not ignorant to the fact that some of this is ‘assisted’ and isn’t just obtained through diet and exercise if you get what I mean. But it’s still impressive regardless of the avenues that have been explored. Every advantage you can get in life you use.

So here are five of the best transformations for female celebs I can find in order.

Number 5 – Adele

Adele has absolutely knocked this transformation out of the park, even to the hilarious annoyance of ‘body positivity’ activists which is a topic I’ve talked about here. I can’t imagine how much better she feels, how much easier it is to move around, not be as out of breath and the positive changes to her health markers since losing all the weight.

She’s also clearly exercised the correct way, too. A lot of women will only go for runs or do cardio on the cross trainer for weight loss and skip the resistance training which is a big fucking mistake. Resistance training helps to tone and define your muscles whereas cardio alone will only shift the weight. If you’re after a good visual body alongside a lighter body then it’s important to lift some weights.

Number 4 – Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson looks like a totally different person, whilst maintaining a lot of her shape and figure. It might just be the outfits but it’s almost like she looks older – but better. It’s a weird one and I can’t quite work it out but it’s clearly working for her.

Apparently she lost up to 80 lbs which is cray because it doesn’t look it. Another indication that some of us carry weight better than others. I personally look horrible even with a small gut and extra 5 kg because I have a tall and lean frame.

Number 4 – Jordin Sparks

Talk about being half the woman you used to be. Similar to Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks has kept her figure whilst losing weight, and now has that hourglass look.

She lost 50 lbs in 18 months which is terrific work. If only most people remembered that this takes time, but that the end goal is so worth it, instead of wanting a 6 week weight loss tea to solve all your problems.

Number 2 – Khloe Kardashian

Yes a lot of it is surgery. Yes a lot of it is cosmetic assistance too, but trashy and dumb never looked so hot!

Khloe didn’t have to do much but the little things have really made the world of difference. Another woman on the list that lifted weights alongside dieting, resistance training is vital and for good reason.

Oh and she absolutely nails being a blonde. Still not as hot as Kim K but she’s edging closer.

Number 1 – Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was the hottest woman in the world about 18 years ago, until she started to take her foot off the gas like a lot of women or men that a) give birth and choose not to lose the baby weight, b) become a parent, or c) use excuses and blame their job/boss/partner/the economy and let things slide.

However she is rolling back the years and looks like her former self again and is once again fighting the corner for the barbie blondes.

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