Use This Hack When You Cannot Stick To Your Diet

Use This Hack When You Cannot Stick To Your Diet

I love a good hack. They are really easy to follow if you have a successful one in place. Especially when it comes to managing a healthy weight.

Think about those times when you are are told by your boss to go to a meeting half-way across the country at the last minute. Even though you had already planned the next 4 days worth of dinners you are going to need to hav a
Plan B.

Or when you are scheduled to cover a shift because of an emergency and can no longer stick to last nights left overs still in the fridge.

What are you supposed to do when shit hits the fan and you’re out on your own?

For these occasions here’s a simple hack to follow to keep your head from spinning and to make sure your diet is as good as it can be. Even when it cannot be perfect.

Ensure that the improvised meal has 20-40 grams of lean protein. The rest of the meal can be whatever you want it to be.

By lean protein I’m referring to low calorie, low fatty options. Things like chicken, eggs, lean red meat or protein powders.

Why is this so important to follow?

I’ve already talked about the importance of protein here so I won’t rehash what has already been said there. Go check that out for a refresher on the benefits of protein intake when trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss.

In terms of why it helps you in these break-glass-in-case-of-emergency situations: whilst you may overshoot calories then at least a part of the meal is going to be helpful to your goals for this major reason:

You’ll Think Like A Lean Person.

One of the biggest factors of maintaining a healthy body weight is not only diet and exercise. It’s your approach to your lifestyle and mindset.

The typical western diet causing the adult population to get fatter and sicker every year is typically devoid of protein, and very high in carbohydrates and fat.

Cornflakes for breakfast.

Cheese sandwich and crisps for lunch.

Pasta bake for dinner and ice cream afterwards.

That’s not enough protein.

By having protein as an important part of the meal you’re going to subconsciously remind yourself that you have goals to hit. Even if you can’t get to them now or for the next few days.

You will feel like you are still on track because at least one of the elements of the meal is ‘on-track’. It doesn’t overly matter that you went over calories by a small amount. At least you are sticking to one of the most important parts of your diet.

Most improvised meals are things like pizza or Macdonalds which are full of calories and low quality protein.

I’d rather you had a chicken wrap and chips from the local kebab shop. Or if you need to dive into a Macc D’s then grab 10 chicken nuggets and some fries as your meal.

Or if you have some protein powder, pack that shit in your car or suitcase and take it with you. There are plenty of options you can have with a protein shake, i.e. some fruit or a wrap.

I’ve used this hack on many occasions and don’t use the randomness of my week to derail me. My diet doesn’t feel the negative affects of a random interruption either.

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